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We   believe   that   the   Bible   is   the   Word   of   God,   fully   and uniquely     inspired     and     without     error     in     the     original manuscripts.      It   was   written   by   human   authors,   under   the supernatural   guidance   of   the   Holy   Spirit.      The   Bible   is   our supreme   source   of   truth   for   our   belief   system.      It   is   also the final authority in faith and practice.   [i] We   believe   that   there   is   one   living   and   true   God,   eternally existing   in   three   persons   –   Father,   Son,   and   Holy   Spirit   each   of   whom   equally   possesses   all   the   attributes   of   Deity and   the   characteristics   of   personality.      We   believe   God   is the Creator and Sovereign Ruler of the universe.  [ii] We   believe   in   God,   the   Father,   an   infinite,   personal   spirit, perfect   in   holiness,   wisdom,   power,   and   love.      We   believe He   concerns   Himself   mercifully   in   the   affairs   of   mankind;     He   hears   and   answers   prayer;   and   He   saves   from   sin   and death all who come to Him through Jesus Christ.  [iii] We   believe   in   Jesus   Christ,   God’s   one   and   only   eternal Son,   conceived   by   the   Holy   Spirit,   born   of   the   Virgin   Mary, who   is   both   true   God   and   true   man.      We   believe   in   His sinless   life,   miracles,   and   teachings.      We   believe   that   He voluntarily   atoned   for   the   sins   of   all   who   trust   in   Him alone    by    dying    on    the    cross    as    their    substitute,    thus satisfying   divine   justice   and   accomplishing   salvation.      We believe   Jesus   rose   from   the   dead   in   the   same   body   and then   ascended   bodily   into   heaven   where   He   sits   at   the right   hand   of   God   the   Father.      He   is   the   only   mediator between   God   and   man,   continually   making   intercession for    His    own.    We    believe    in    the    visible,    personal,    and imminent   return   to   earth   of   our   King   of   Kings,   and   Lord   of Lords, the Lord Jesus Christ.  [iv] We   believe   in   the   Holy   Spirit   who   came   forth   from   the Father   and   Son.      He   is   present   in   the   world   to   reveal   and glorify   Christ   and   to   make   all   people   aware   of   their   need for   Jesus   Christ.      We   believe   that   the   Holy   Spirit   dwells within   every   believer   in   Christ   from   the   moment   He   gives them   spiritual   birth.      He   provides   the   Christian   with   power for   living,   understanding   of   spiritual   truth,   and   guidance in   doing   what   is   right.   The   Spirit   desires   to   empower   the Christian    to    live    by    faith,    moment    by    moment,    in    His fullness   and   control.      He   thereby   enables   them   to   bear fruit, which glorifies God.[v] We   believe   that   men   and   women   were   originally   created   in the   spiritual   image   of   God.   They   are   the   supreme   objects of   God’s   creation.      Although   all   people   have   a   tremendous potential    for    good,    they    are    marred    by    an    attitude    of disobedience     toward     God     called     sin.     This     attitude separates   them   from   God   not   only   in   physical   death   but also   in   spiritual   death.      We   believe   that   all   human   beings are   born   with   a   sinful   nature   and   are   guilty   sinners   in thought, word, and deed.  [vi] We   believe   that   salvation   is   a   gift   from   God   to   us.      We   can never   make   up   for   our   sin   by   self-improvement   or   good works.      We   believe   that   God’s   only   means   of   salvation from   sin   is   by   trusting   in   Jesus   Christ   as   our   substitute.     His   shed   blood   on   the   cross   and   resurrection   provide   the means   for   anyone   to   be   saved   from   sin’s   death   penalty.     Eternal   life   begins   the   moment   we   receive   Jesus   Christ into   our   life   by   faith.      This   spiritual   birth,   by   the   Holy Spirit,   makes   each   believer   a   child   of   God.      We   believe   the Spirit   Himself   testifies   with   our   spirits   that   we   are   children of God  [vii]
We   believe   in   the   universal   church,   a   living   spiritual   body   of which   Jesus   Christ   is   the   Head.      It   is   composed   of   all   men and   women,   living   and   dead,   who   have   been   joined   to   Him through   saving   faith.      We   believe   the   local   church   is   a   group of   believers   in   Jesus   Christ.      We   believe   our   primary   task   and purpose    is    to    honor    God    by    making    disciples    who    are developing    dynamic    relationships    with    God,    with    other believers,   and   with   a   hurting   and   unbelieving   world.      We pursue   our   mission   by   focusing   on   the   priorities   of   worship, nurture,   fellowship,   service,   and   outreach   based   on   the   Bible as   the   standard   of   truth.      We   believe   God   admonishes   His people    to    assemble    together    regularly    for    worship,    for participation     in     ordinances,     for     edification     through     the Scriptures, and for mutual encouragement.  [viii] We    believe    that    the    members    of    the    local    church    are mutually   accountable   to   one   another;      therefore,   in   regards to    holiness    and    doctrine,    we    strive    to    teach,    admonish, exhort,    and    rebuke,    as    necessary,    anyone    who    is    living outside   of   God’s   will   and   plan   as   stated   in   the   Scriptures.      We believe   that   matters   of   discipline   and   correction   are   given   to the   members   of   Christ’s   Church   and   are   to   follow   the   pattern of   Matthew   18:15-20.      The   oversight   of   these   matters   rests ultimately   with   the   church   leadership   who   has   the   discretion of   asking   for   Biblical   counsel   or   arbitration   from   outside   of the church.  [ix] We   believe   that   the   Lord   Jesus   Christ   has   committed   two ordinances    to    the    local    church:    Baptism    and    the    Lord’s Supper.        We    believe    that    the    Holy    Spirit    baptizes    all Christians    when    they    are    born    again.    We    believe    water baptism    follows    a    profession    of    faith,    and    we    practice believer’s   baptism   by   immersion,   which   best   symbolizes   our identity   in   Christ.      We   believe   that   the   Lord’s   Supper   is   open to   all   true   believers   who   are   walking   in   fellowship   with   the Lord Jesus Christ.  [x] We    believe    that    every    human    being    can    have    a    direct relationship   with   God   and   is   ultimately   responsible   to   God alone   in   all   matters   of   faith,   but   is   also   responsible   to   the Church   and   its   leadership.      We   believe   that   each   church   is independent    and    must    be    free    from    interference    by    any religious   or   political   authority;      therefore,   the   church   and State   must   be   kept   separate   as   having   different   functions, each   fulfilling   its   duties   free   from   each   other’s   control   or influence.   [xi] We   believe   that   local   churches   can   best   promote   the   cause   of Jesus     Christ     by     cooperating     with     one     another     in     a denominational   organization.      Such   an   organization,   whether a   regional   or   district   conference,   exists   and   functions   by   the will    of    the    churches.        Cooperation    in    a    conference    is voluntary   and   may   be   terminated   at   any   time.      Churches may   likewise   cooperate   with   inter-denominational   fellowships on a voluntary, independent basis.  [xii] We   believe   that   Jesus   Christ   will   come   again   to   the   earth   personally,   visibly   and   bodily   –   to   complete      history   and   the eternal   plan   of   God   and   establish   His   kingdom.      We   believe   in the   bodily   resurrection   of   the   righteous   and   the   unrighteous.     We    believe    that    at    physical    death    the    believer    enters immediately   into   eternal,   conscious   fellowship   with   the   Lord and   awaits   the   resurrection   of   his   body   to   everlasting   glory and    blessing.        At    physical    death    the    unbeliever    enters immediately   into   eternal,   conscious   separation   from   the   Lord and    awaits    the    resurrection    of    his    body    to    everlasting judgment and condemnation.  [xiii] In   light   of   Christ’s   return,   we   believe   that   a   Christian   should live   for   the   glory   of   God.      This   means   that   we   are   to   love   God and   each   other   as   stated   in   the   two   Great   Commandments.     We   believe   God’s   goal   for   each   believer   is   full   maturity   in Christ.        We    believe    the    Lord    Jesus    Christ    commanded    all believers   to   proclaim   the   gospel   throughout   the   world   and   to disciple   men   of   every   nation.      The   fulfillment   of   that   Great Commission   requires   that   all   worldly   and   personal   ambitions be   subordinated   to   a   total   commitment   to   Him   who   loved   us and gave Himself for us.  [xiv]
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