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Bethel...becoming Christ-followers who grow, connect, serve & tell. - Grow in our personal relationship with Christ - Connect with others in biblical community - Serve in our God-given ministries - Tell others the good news of Christ At Bethel we believe following Christ is the most important thing(Matthew 28:19-20). We understand that following Him is a process, a journey, a growing experience. Our vision follows the process for becoming disciples found in Acts 2:42-47. We believe that Christ-followers first of all know Him personally and grow in relationship with Him (they devote themselves first to the apostles` teaching). Growing in relationship with Christ causes us to grow in our faith, the ability to trust God. We also grow in obedience, doing things His way, not our own. We grow in character, becoming more patient, more honest, more humble, more loving- more real. The natural result of all this growing is that we grow together- connecting with other believers in biblical community(they devoted themselves second to the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to the prayer). In biblical community we worship together; we learn from the Bible together; we carry life;s burdens together and we serve together; serving in our God-given ministries( they gave to anyone third as he as needed). Finally, in this biblical community we reach out- telling others the good news of Christ( the Lord added to their numbers daily those who were being saved). That's what we're about here at Bethel. Becoming Christ-followers who grow, connect, serve, and tell. It's a lifestyle. It's who we are becoming. Come, join in the journey!
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(906) 228 7589