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      Over it’s 105 year history, Bethel has been served by 22 pastors. Three of these were associate or youth pastors. Our current senior pastor, Dr. Brian Oberg, came on board in September of 2004. He is Bethel’s first pastor who has three academic degrees. He fulfills his calling with dedication and love for Christ and His people. In the early 1990's accelerated growth resulted in the addition of an Associate Pastor. In 1998, Hank Steede became our Associate Pastor of Family Life Ministries. In 2004 the position of Director of Children’s Ministry was established and is currently being filled by Becky Nelson. These together with Diane Case as our organist and our part-time administrative secretary, Ann Steede, are Bethel’s team of paid staff. In 2007, a part-time minister to senior citizens, Allan Borrett, joined the team as well. In 2011, a part-time Director of Music, Julie Motta and Director of Youth Ministries, Miles Bagley, were added to the staff. This team of leaders has been working together lovingly and harmoniously to help Bethel fulfill the mission God has given it.      The ministry of Bethel’s lay people has increased significantly as they have come to more and more own the concept that “every member is a minister”. Bethel is organized around a Board of Elders with ministry boards. These ministry boards include Trustees, Christian Education, Worship, Missions and Outreach, and Congregational Care. A representative from the Elder Board serves on each ministry board. Everyday Evangelism (formerly Evangelism Explosion), led by volunteer leadership, was added to our training ministries in 2001 to help equip people to share God’s Good News with people. Our worship appeals to both younger and older believers and seekers.      Bethel’s history is His-story. It is still being written. Bethel’s founding fathers and mothers sought a fellowship that was God centered and founded on the truth of God’s eternal Word, the Bible. More than a century later, Bethel’s “final authority for faith and living” is still the eternally relevant Word of God. Bethel strives to systematically teach and disciple its people to continue to obey God’s two great commandments to love God and others as He has loved us and to fulfill the Great Commission to...”make disciples...going...baptizing...teaching them to obey everything I have commanded.” God has brought Bethel this far and with His strength and grace, Bethel desires and purposes to press on until Jesus returns.                                                                                                                                   -updated February 2013
     God and His Word has driven the development of the congregation which is known today as Bethel Baptist Church. Early in the 20th Century, a group of eighteen Marquette-area Swedish believers organized the Swedish Baptist Church of Marquette. They conducted their first worship service on December 13, 1903 in rented facilities. In 1909 an old boarding house which they purchased became their place of worship. By 1924 a house of worship was erected at the corner of Third and Ohio Streets. The congregation had grown to a membership of 66.
     At its inception, Swedish was the language of the church. By 1936 English became its official language. Thus in 1937 “Swedish” in its name was replaced with “Bethel”. Growth to 170 in the 1960's made a larger facility necessary. By May, 1974 the congregation moved to its current facility at 829 Grove Street. In 2007 a new two story 6,000 square foot structure named the Family Life Center was built. The upper level was completed in February 2008. The land on which it was built was purchased in 2002. In 2003, Bethel purchased a house adjacent to its property and is being used as a youth and college/career center.
Pastors of Bethel past and present
E.A. Asplund 1904-05 C.G. Wargren 1905-07 Carl Westerdahl 1907-09 Axel Wicklund 1910 O.A. Arnquist 1911-13 R.A. Clint 1914-18 Hjalmer Johnson 1919-20 John A. Roose 1920-21 Carl A. Anderson 1922-23 Alex F. Olson 1924 to 1946 Frank May 1947-50
Arden Fink 1950-56 Arnold Olson 1956 to 1963 RussellVoight 1963-70 Deane Thompson 1970-78 Joel Goff 1979-86 Timothy Haugen 1987-94 Bryan Buck (Associate) 1990-95 Bob Donaldson 1996-2003 Hank Steede (Family Life Pastor) 1999-present Dave Hanson (Youth Pastor)2003-2011 Dr. Brian Oberg(Senior Pastor) 2004-present Allan Borret(Pastor to Seniors) 2010-Present
Our History
Bethel Baptist
829 Grove Street, Marquette, MI 49855
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