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Why training Jesus set the example: He spent three years (24/7) of intensive on-the-job training with His twelve disciples. Scripture exhorts training-equipping the saints. The Bible teaches us to be ready to give an answer for the hope that is within us. Paul admonished Timothy to teach others also.  
Need-- to be equipped Many attempt witnessing with little success Many have little or no training about how to witness effectively. Many simply fear to witness. Only about 5% of all Christians ever lead anyone to Christ.  
Urgency--to witness Being a witness was Jesus’ first and last command. It is a mandate to all Christians. Jesus gave himself-- the ultimate sacrifice --and made the provision for eternal life. People are going to a lost eternity every second. We must remember we have a day of reckoning coming.  
Purpose   To equip Christ followers to become loving,effective witnesses in their daily walk and help reduce the fear of witnessing.
Do I really need this?   Becoming better equipped will help you to participate in changing the eternal destiny of those who are won to the Lord. There could be no greater investment of your time than that. If your interested in participating contact Pastor Brian or Eleanor Maier.
12-week Seminar begins September 21st, 2016 @Bethel
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