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Group #1 (College through age 29) Location: Family Life Center Room #1
Group #2 (Half-Timers) (Ages 30-42) Location: Family Life Center Room #3
Group #3 (Crosswalkers) (Ages 42-55) Location:  Family Life Center Room #6
Group #4 (Truth Builders) (Ages 55-69) Location: Family Life Center Room #2
Get Plugged In These will help you get connected with some in the church body and also help conform you to Jesus. ABF’s are “age-graded/life cycle” groups of adults that meet on Sunday mornings at 10:00am. While the groupings provide some level of structure, they are not rigid. While we recognize that everyone may not fall into these groupings, everyone is encouraged to participate in a group that is closest to your age and stage of life. You are a valued part of this body and we believe you can receive great benefit by plugging into a group. The overall purpose is for people to stick together as a group and learn to live life together as we live and serve for Jesus.
Group #5 (Primetimers) (Ages 69+) Location: Wheat Room
Adult Bible Fellowship
Bethel Baptist
829 Grove Street, Marquette, MI 49855
(906) 228 7589